Betsi Hummer’s endorsement of Stephanie Walter for Bellevue City Council.

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Betsi Hummer-EBCC Chair


February 12 2019


Betsi Hummer

14541 SE 26thSt

Bellevue WA 98007



Dear Bellevue Reporter Letters to the Editor

I personally endorse Stephanie Walter for Bellevue City Council.  


Ms Walter’s Community Accomplishments set her apart from other candidates.  She led a grassroots community group, was elected City of Bellevue Planning Commission Chair, revitalized the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association, and serves as the East Bellevue Community Council Vice Chair.  Stephanie brings a pragmatic, problem solving approach to every endeavor, and does not take no for an answer.


I first became aware of Stephanie when she galvanized her neighbors to question the rise of Rooming Houses in her neighborhood.   She met with local leaders, took her concern to public officials and the media, and succeeded in establishing more clear guidelines on rentals in Single Family Residential neighborhoods.  While initially helping her local Lake Hills community, Stephanie’s efforts have resonated throughout Bellevue neighborhoods, impacting Newport Hills, Clyde Hill, Northtowne, and Wilburton.  Stephanie always defers to the input of her neighbors when praised on her efforts; however, she was the catalyst who did not take no for an answer and helped the group persevere.


The Single Family Room Rental campaign helped Lake Hills revitalize its Neighborhood Association. With Stephanie’s innovative suggestions the Lake Hills Neighborhood Association once again meets regularly and holds events like the Summer Picnic, Fall Trunk or Treat, and Winter Family Game Night.  Additionally, LHNA holds Candidate forums and makes regular presentations to the East Bellevue Community Council.


Spurred on by her experience with the Single Family Room Rental Ordinance, Stephanie was appointed to the City of Bellevue Planning Commission by then-Mayor Claudia Balducci. She was voted in as Chair in her 4thyear on the Commission. She was instrumental in both the Eastgate Transportation and Land Use Project Study, as well as the Downtown Livability Initiative. With her pragmatism, clarifying questions, and common sense, Stephanie helped the Commission balance City Council direction, concerns of constituents, and wishes of developers to create landmark strategies for both Eastgate and Downtown neighborhoods.


Stephanie was elected to East Bellevue Community Council by her Lake Hills constituents in 2018. She brings her City Hall experience to her role as Vice Chair.  EBCC has jurisdiction over certain land use permits in its boundaries; Stephanie’s in-depth experience with the Planning Commission, and close work with City Council brings a new perspective to the decision making process.  Stephanie asks clarifying questions of permit applicants, staff, and fellow Councilmembers.  She participates in setting the agenda, and lends a professional air to the environment.  


Bellevue couldn’t ask for a more dedicated, experienced, and professional Councilmember than Stephanie Walter.  I hope you vote for her, too.


Betsi Hummer