John DeVadoss’ endorsement of Stephanie Walter for Bellevue City Council.


John DeVadoss-former PC Chair


I had the privilege of working with Stephanie on the Planning Commission for many years, and I also had the opportunity to serve as the Chair when she was the Vice-Chair.

Stephanie is one of the smartest people that I worked with at the PC; she always takes the time and does her homework to truly understand the issues; her innate curiosity leads her to explore multiple vantage points and to engage in dialogue; and her sense of empathy is evident in her search for solutions that benefit us all as a community.

We need problem solvers, not demagogues. We need common-sense solutions, not dogma. We need clear-thinking individuals who actually do care about our neighborhoods.

Please vote for Stephanie Walter and ensure that Bellevue continues to thrive and grow.

- John DeVaddos