Kevin Wallace’s endorsement of Stephanie Walter for Bellevue City Council.


Kevin Wallace-Former Deputy Mayor


“Is it better to be a business guy with a healthy respect for neighborhoods or a neighborhood gal with a healthy respect for business?  I hope we get to find out.   Stephanie Powell Walter is, next to Donald Davidson when he ran the second time, the most qualified non-incumbent ever to run for Council.  

Her resume is extensive, not just in holding positions on the planning commission and EBCC, but also in achieving results.  How many new candidates can say they led an effort that resulted in an ordinance that was unanimously adopted by the Council?  Just her.  

A highly qualified, highly effective neighborhood leader that understands Bellevue needs to support its business community in order to thrive.  I’m excited about Stephanie’s campaign for the open seat on the Council.”

- Kevin Wallace, March 10, 2019