With Washington DC in turmoil and Olympia proposing massive tax increases, it's more important than ever to ensure that we have the honest, transparent leadership that we deserve on the Bellevue City Council.

Bellevue is already such an amazing place to live, work, and visit - and we still have so much potential. I'm Stephanie Walter, and as your next City Councilmember I'll work for our residents, businesses and visitors to bring Bellevue based solutions to keep our neighborhoods safe, enjoyable and thriving.

As a wife, mother, healthcare provider, and community volunteer I understand the challenges our city faces and the opportunities we have. As a city we must work together to:

  • Alleviate traffic congestion to protect our environment and give us more time with our families

  • Coordinate with neighborhoods to bring the best to each unique area

  • Preserve our parks, trails, and open space to keep our city majestic

  • Keep Bellevue affordable so that families can raise their children

  • Fund public safety to keep our streets and parks safe and secure

  • Keep taxes low so seniors can afford to stay in their homes

  • Support small business and economic development to create jobs in Bellevue

  • Ensure the homeless shelter serves those in need without hurting residents

  • Strengthen Bellevue’s anti heroin injection sites policies

Together we can protect our amazing city and continue to build a community that serves all our residents. I’m Stephanie Walter, let’s get to work for Bellevue.